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Time and Location

9:30am Sunday Worship Service

Haven Church
4691 Oak St, Hamilton, MI 49419

What To Expect At Haven

We promise not to put you on the spot or single you out in any way.

When you arrive, we hope you feel loved, valued, and welcomed, NOT awkward, smothered or trapped. We would like to connect and stay connected, so you know what is happening around Haven. Please introduce yourself and let us know the best way to reach you.
The bottom line is this: we want you to feel good about how you fit in. We want you to become connected and be engaged, still having enough space to determine if this is a good fit for you just as easily, at least for now.

We Would Love To Greet You By Name

How did you hear about Haven? Do you know someone who attends? We would love to greet you by name when you walk in the door.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    You can wear whatever you usually wear when you’re out and about. Seriously, it doesn’t matter to us at all. Just be yourself!


    There are loads of parking spots, just pick one and head in towards the big white pillars. You’ll find a friendly face to greet you. The worship area is straight through those doors. If you need anything else, a greeter is around to help you out.

    There is a nursery available for the little ones, and a youth service for kids of elementary through high school age. Your family is also free to worship together in the sanctuary. It is up to you.

    Our worship starts at 9:30 am. You can arrive just beforehand or come a little earlier and grab a cup of coffee first.  There is always someone to talk with beforehand.

    During our worship service, you can expect a mix of meaningful talks from the scriptures, a blend of modern and traditional music, prayer moments, and sometimes even video teachings. The whole thing usually lasts a bit over an hour.

    We totally get where you’re coming from – a lot of folks worry about denominations having too many rules, always asking for money, and being a bit old-fashioned. But hey, that’s not us. At Haven, we’re a Reformed Church. We’re all about teachings that come straight from the Bible, and we totally respect your choice about when to support the church financially. Plus, we’re all about staying up-to-date, not stuck in the past.

    You might be wondering, “Reformed from what?” It goes back to a time called the Reformation – you might have heard of Martin Luther or John Calvin. Because we’ve been around since then, our name might sound a tad old-fashioned, but it’s really about letting the Bible guide how we live. And just so you know, we’re part of a group of Reformed Churches that are all about keeping things theologically conservative, and it’s called the Alliance of Reformed Churches. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the What We Believe page.

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